Feeling Under the Weather? How to Get Back to Good Quick

You do everything you can to stay away from people who are sick or to prevent from getting sick. Washing hands, sanitizing, and wearing a mask are on everyone’s radar these days. If you’re feeling sick, there are certain tips you can do to help feel better in no time.

Get Nourishment

It’s important to stay well-nourished when you are sick as if you don’t, it can lead to dehydration and further illness. Drinking plenty will help keep your immune system’s ability to fight off infection. Drinking orange juice to help your immune system get vitamin c and eating a nutritious meal can help. Although many people who are sick don’t have much of an appetite, it’s still important to get some nutrition into you. Eating some plain toast or crackers can help keep your stomach satisfied.

Get Rest

You may feel you aren’t getting a lot done around the house and lying in bed or on the couch all day. In reality, your body needs rest as it’s fighting an inside battle to fight off infections or bacteria. As your body needs a number of calories to keep you alive, and resting helps keep your immune system strong.

Don’t Work Out

If you are one to get out there and get a good workout each morning, getting sick can be a big setback. Working out can actually make you feel worse resulting in symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, body aches, and more. This is the time to rest and not worry about those workouts.

Go to the Doctor

If you’re feeling under the weather for more than three days, it may be beneficial to go to the doctor to see if there is an underlying bacterial infection causing you to feel ill. Your doctor can complete COVID-19 testing especially if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Some of the symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, fatigue, headaches, sore throat, nausea, and vomiting, and loss of taste and smell. It may be difficult to determine if you have COVID-19 as some of the symptoms mimic other illnesses, the doctor will be able to narrow down your illness by testing you.

Feeling sick can definitely put a damper on your routine and it’s important to keep yourself away from others, cover your mouth and wear a mask as to not infect individuals who have a weakened immune system. By drinking plenty of fluids, eating to fuel your belly, and getting plenty of rest, you should feel better in no time.

Source: Feeling Under the Weather? How to Get Back to Good Quick